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Top 5 Specialties

Of course we also do the basics like compositing, product rendering, etc

1 - Houdini Destruction & Water Sim, FIRE, EXPLOSIONS

Helps to have an inhouse threadripper render farm 😉 Our prior company name was "Visionary Fire"

2 - Cars & 3D Product Rendering

We do 3D physics rigs of cars & use the best unbiased render engines to achieve photorealistic reflective car paint

3 - Unreal Engine & 3D Environments

Our studio has an in house virtual production LED wall, we create lots of backgrounds & set extensions

4 - Motion Design UI Graphics

We have an unusually high population of After Effects motion design wizards, since the origins of our studio came from an After Effects youtube channel

5 - A.I Film Making

We're building the first feature film using cutting edge A.I tools

comp, mogrpah & 3d

We're flexible to all kinds of compositing, motion design & 3D

Compositing & CGI

We love set extensions, object removal, greenscreens, roto, 3D integration, fire/smoke/magic effects, etc

Motion Design

Explainer videos, 3D Product Commercials, Explainer Ads

VFX Set Supervision

One call away

Pre-vis & Storyboards

Concept art, story boards & set design.
Let's make sure we don't waste time going in the wrong direction

Unreal Engine Virtual Production

Conform & Editing

Grading, Finshing & Deliverables

Quality Control

Real-time VFX Session

Let’s create your vision in real-time instead of spending weeks going back and forth with revisions! Your first session is free!

Pick a time below or call (706) 248-8790 to get immediate help